The Hall is the perfect venue for virtually any type of private culinary event.  We have communal tables for parties of 6-10 indoors or out, standing bar tables for happy hour events, and the capacity to host up to 150 for a wedding celebration or corporate get-together. Events can be built around sit-down dinners, drinks & canapés, hands-on culinary classes, wine tasting/educationjust about anything related to eating and drinking. We welcome you to enjoy a personal tour of our space to see what we have to offer and to inspire ideas for your next event!

Our specialty is a sampling of hors d’oeuvres and platters for pre-dinner and standing receptions. Our unique mix of vendors provides a diverse collection of traditional and ethnic foods, all made from locally sourced and seasonally changing ingredients. Details and pricing can be found on by clicking on the Events Brochure Link below!  

When you're ready to book your event at the Hall or have any questions about events, please call or email Kelle at: (415) 558-8293 We look forward to hosting your next event! 

Look here for a quick way to see if we're free.

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